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Once again my family planned something very special for me last weekend. Friday evening I was getting suspicious because my people behaved in a strange way. They went in the attic and came out with a huge bag with wheels. Then they packed lots of stuff in there. Amongst other things my blanket - which I am not using for sleeping purposes anyways. It was still somewhat weird, and so I thought I better pay attention. On Saturday morning I chose a good spot for my nap, so that I could still watch what was going on. Better safe than sorry!

So after my humans had their breakfast, they took the bag I mentioned and carried it to the car! It seemed they may be leaving the house without me! Well, that's not going to happen to me! Of course, I started barking  to show them that I wanna go, too. It worked, and my people buckled me in at the back seat. Sarah and Jasmin gave me some "Good bye kisses",  wished me a great weekend, and I licked their ears one more time real quick. Then my "staff" stepped into the car, too, and we were ready to leave. But where are we going? Doggie school is not that early at the morning, and we do not need all that traveling baggage just for our usual trips in the forest. Well, actually my people think that it might be better if they take clothes to change with them when they walk me, but that's just because I love to print my paws on their stuff. 

But that's another story. As I said, I was curious what they had planned out. But I could not keep my eyes open and so I fell asleep in the arms of my Alina - I just trusted that my humans would not jump out of a driving car.

Btw, my humans are again and again delighted that I am so much the cuddly type. I just love it to sleep very close to my family.

After a long trip we arrived at a huge parking lot. Well, what would happen next? Training to get me accustomed to another city? First, I of course marked my territory. Okay, then we just walk through the town. I am a good boy and so I am participating in everything my family plans - even if it means walking through a town in the rain (yuck!!!!!!!!!). Some people said to my family that I am a very beautiful dog (we all agreed!) and they asked what kind of breed I am. I pricked up my ears at their answer: "That's an Eurasier, and you can see today lots of them. We have a meeting here in this town." An Eurasier meeting? Was that what my people planned for me and was that the reason why Sarah and Jasmin kept telling me that I would have lots of fun at the weekend?

My mistress bought herself an umbrella and then we went back to the car. Btw, it stopped raining the moment she paid for the umbrella, and the weather stayed dry and okay for the rest of the weekend. When we arrived at the parking lot there were no marks for guessing that I would really be able to play with lots of Eurasiers: many Eurasier were already gathered with their staff! I met mom and Bora again, and the attentive reader of my website knows that I just love Bora!

This picture was taken while a nice lady from the press took a pic of Alina and I.

Then we continued with saying "hi" to everybody, and a nice lady showed us the sights of the town. I did not really listen as much as the humans, because I had only eyes and ears for Bora. Well, she is special!

Then we drove with the car to a castle. In the park some people had brought coffee and cookies, and we four leggers were able to run around.
Then we went to the hotel. That was something really new for me, but as a real Eurasier it took me all of 30 secs and then I found a place to sleep:

Well, doesn't 3 twinsize means that I would get a bed, too? Seems not:(. But of course I slept on the ground, and my family was once again excited how easy going and what a good boy I am.

At the evening we had a great buffet with all the other two and four leggers. I enjoyed especially that besides my family and my breeder also mom and Bora stayed very close to me. Bora and I passed the time nibbling and licking each others ears while we waited for Alina to feed us with some yummy things. She even fed us trout! YUMMY! Yes, I can truly rely on my humans!

After a good night sleep and a great breakfast buffet we went to a huge hall. Lots of Eurasiers were already there. 

Inside I met mom and Bora again. And also my sister Baroness Mavie, which I hadn't seen since we were picked up by our families. She is a gorgeous one! She looks alike my sister Berta, who was there, too, of course. Then my brother Boelle arrived. He is very beautiful and tall. Then my mistress picked up the documents for the show ( Oh, that's what we are up to: it is dog show, and someone wants to tickle me again!). And then we met our dad, Camelot vom Nebelmond. That's a gorgeous one!

He scored with V2 that day, which means he was the second best of 23 males in his age group! Congratulations dad! I hope I will become such a great male as you are!!!

I would have loved it the most if I could run right away with my siblings, but first the judge wanted to take a good look at me. This time I behaved absolutely immaculate when she examined me. I knew now that it is okay when Alina and I would say "hi" to the nice lady, and let her take a good look at me. Besides, my brother Boelle, Alix vom Sandsteingarten and Sinok vom Katharinenholz were with me in the age group, and I would not embarrass myself by crying like a baby. So I handled it like a man, and my family was very proud of me.

I showed myself on best behaviour and I was scored with "very promising" again. After that we went outside to take photos of our "family reunion". Only daddy and Berta are missing at this pic. And of course Bliska and Buster, but they could not attent the dog show. I am sad about it and I hope I will meet them soon again, too.

Then we took a picture of the extended family:

So this here is, from the left to the right: Baroness Mavie von der Windheimer Insel, Bora von der Windheimer Insel, Boelle von der Windheimer Insel, Bayo von der Windheimer Insel, Camelot vom Nebelmond, Amadeo von der Windheimer Insel (from mom Naaja's first "marriage"), Mama Naaja von der Drachenweide, Chester vom Helenenhof (the daddy of Naaja's first children)

and here you can see Boelle von der Windheimer Insel, Bayo von der Windheimer Insel, Camelot vom Nebelmond, Amadeo von der Windheimer Insel, Naaja von der Drachenweide, Chester vom Helenenhof sadly covered by the guy with the mic, Aiko von der Windheimer Insel

So that's Naaja with 7 children and there two fathers. It was very nice to meet them all!

Then we finally were allowed to romp around. Boelle and I got really down and dirty - boys are boys!

That was a lot of fun!

After all that romping I got really tired and my people had to relax with a cup of coffee, too. Well, actually I did not get any coffee, but I was allowed to sleep really close to Bora. It is hard to see who is who here in this pic, right?

Later I played a little bit with Akari vom Roten Prinz. This little puppy is 10 weeks younger than I and she is cute. I am so to speak her uncle, because my older brother Amadeo von der Windheimer Insel is her dad. Amadeo has already lots of kids even though he is very young himself. But he is a gorgeous one! my family and I were very impressed by him and his brother Aiko. Both are great males!

And here are Baroness Mavie and I playing together:

Then the dog show was over. Mr and Mrs Otterpohl arranged a very nice weekend. The humans clinked glasses with sparkling wine and then my family got another trophy and certificate handed out. Now I have already 2 trophies. I passed out right away on our way home. 

Btw, I was sooooooooooooooooooooo tired, that I slept through the next day - and it was my mistress' birthday. But that was fine, because she said that I am a fantastic dog even when I do not help her with baking cake - actually I got the impression that she was happy that I did not ask as usual if I should handle the dishes - I enjoy licking them clean.

All in all, my humans and I enjoyed ourselves very much, and I am looking forward to the next Eurasier meeting and the next dog show!

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