My first vacation in Switzerland

Now I am already 8 months old, and I am with my family already for over 6 months. We have lots of fun together, and my people enjoy having me around. They keep telling me, that I am bringing lots of joy into their life. 

Last week it seemed that my people thought it is time again for me to see something different. Therefore I got to smell Swiss mountain air - my first vacation outside of Germany!

On Wednesday evening my people started to pack their stuff up. Well, I already know that procedure, and so I slept at my strategical place right on the front door again. Up till now they never forgot to take me, but I stick to "better safe than sorry". As long as I lay close to the entrance door, I can shut my eyes.

Here I jammed myself between the back packs. My mom thought it doesn't look comfy, but I liked it so much, that I did not move for the next few hours. Driving in the car is the best anyways, since no one can dissappear out of the driving car! What should a dog want more?!

And here is us all on the picture: my "mom's" parents and siblings with there whole families. My "mom's" parents celebrated their 40th anniversary in Switzerland at the weekend. And also my "mom's" sister is moving with her family in a few weeks to Bolivia, and so we all enjoyed to spend quality time together. That was totally great! I had all my loved ones around me, and I totally enjoyed it!

This picture is taken at the "Blue lake" in Kandersteg. I liked the lake a lot - especially all the trouts which were swimming in the lake. I considered catching my dinner, but sadly dogs had to stay on the leash. So I could forget about "trout Bayo style".

Here Rahel, Joelin and I are playing at the well. The water comes from a fresh mountain source and it was sooooooooo good! Also the two little girls washed me, and even though washing and bathing is not really my fave past time, I love the kids so much, that I allowed them to give me a bath.

Here I enjoyed the view, and all of the sudden I saw something really exciting.....

.... free running cows on the meadow way below our chalet! Before my "mom" was able to react I already run down the fill to introduce myself to the cows.

Hmmm, seeing them up close they look pretty big. Maybe I should better run back to my family? My "mom" realized anyways meanwhile that I went on a journey by myself, and she is not overly happy about it!
Oops, now the cow is chasing after me - does she want to introduce herself now? Or does she want to give me a free ride on her horns? I guess, from now on I better stay away from cows. We can communicate really nicely when I stay at the other side of the fence. 

I love the glacier water in the stream, but it is really cold!

Here are Susi and I busy sniffing around. Wel, actually I do the sniffing, and Susi marvels at the things I am finding. 

Aren't these mountains great?!

The 4 days passed way to fast. All in all I had a lot of fun, and once again I had been a totally cute and sweet travel escort. Neither the long car ride, nor the change in my environment or daily routine upset me. My humans are really happy that I am adapting to everything so easily, and I am happy that they take me wherever they go.

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